A smooth operator! With the PLANUM MACH 1 any concrete surface can be perfectly compacted and smoothed. The innovative all-round solution for indoor and outdoor use is five times more effective than conventional methods. PLANUM MACH 1 helps to save time, costs as well as manpower.

Awarded the Startfeld Grand Promotion Prize 2022.

Perfection with vibration

The powerful electric motor in the unit housing transmits the vibration to the attached trowel plate – and automatically ensures uniform compaction and smoothing of the concrete surface, preventing air pockets and flaking. Chamfer strips are also included in the same vibration operation.

Original & Swiss made

The PLANUM MACH 1 has an impressive ergonomic design, feels strong and solid and is easy to operate without any previous experience.

A truly original Swiss product made of high quality aluminium and anodised in various colours. Supplied as a robust cased set with battery and charger.

The PLANUM MACH 1 ensures a first-class surface finish and looks good too!

Technical data

26.5 cm10 cm12 cm2.1 kg
  • Material: Anodised aluminium
  • Electric motor with two eccentrically arranged flywheel weights
  • Bosch battery and charger included, battery can be upgraded to 6 Ah as an option.
  • Data sheet PLANUM MACH 1