With the right trowels and our PLANUM MACH 1 all-round solution, construction professionals can master the challenges of any concrete surface.

Simply insert the PLANUM MACH 1 into the distinctive octagonal holder on the top, click into place – and off you go!

trowels, set of 4

The set of four trowels is available for complex concrete surfaces such as wall copings, parapets or stairs.

Made of chromium steel and therefore guaranteed to be rustproof as well as impact resistant. The dimensions are exactly matched to standardised formwork widths.

Technical data, set of 4

SizesFormwork widths
14 cm / 17 cm / 19 cm / 24 cm15 cm / 18 cm / 20 cm / 25 cm
  • One octagonal holder on each

Trowels for floor slabs and platforms

Our larger trowels made of aluminium are used for floor slabs and platforms. For optimum, uniform results we recommend using two PLANUM MACH 1 tools for the dimensions 60 cm x 30 cm.

Please note: The 140 cm x 20 cm trowels can only be used with two PLANUM MACH 1 tools.

Technical data

60 cm x 30 cm / 140 cm x 20 cm